Who Invent Baby Safety Gates?

Did you know that Janelle Fitzpatrick is credited with the invention of the baby safety gate? She has used the device in her home for eight years and her kids have never known it existed. Here are some of her other innovations. Also, find out how she came up with the idea for the gate. Besides the gate, she also owns Hearth Guard, Tee-Zed Products, and Regal Lager. fireplace baby gates

Janelle Fitzpatrick

A few years ago, Janelle Fitzpatrick moved to Alpharetta, Georgia to start a new life. She had two children, a daughter and a son. Their new custom-built home featured an open-concept foyer, which meant that the staircase was the first thing guests saw when they entered. But the staircase’s volute-curve bannisters presented a problem: no traditional baby gate would fit around it. The idea for a better solution came to Janelle when she visited her friend, who had been pursuing a patent for ten years.

In her home, Janelle Fitzpatrick needed a stair gate for her children and pets. After trying to find a safe solution, she invented the baby safety gate. She went on to manufacture the product in the U.S. and eventually started selling The Stair Barrier directly to consumers. Fitzpatrick has won numerous awards, including a Martha Stewart American Made Nominee award. As a parent, you will appreciate the safety and innovation these gates bring to your home.

Hearth Guard

The Hearth Guard brand of baby safety gates are made of strong, durable steel. These gates are ideal for separating a room into two sections. Moreover, you can attach these gates to curved or odd-shaped walls. Unlike other gates, the Hearth Guard brand baby safety gates can be bent to fit any shape or size. If you’re unsure of how to install them, here are some steps to help you install them:

Install a fireplace safety gate in your home to protect your children from open flames. These safety gates are essentially play yards for infants and toddlers, with panels that create a boundary around the fireplace. Moreover, they prevent your baby from accidentally falling on the fireplace hearth. You can purchase these safety gates at home improvement stores. You can also install a bench cover or some pillows to create a cozy reading nook for your toddler.

Tee-Zed Products

Tee-Zed Products, a company founded in 1983, has been manufacturing and marketing baby safety gates. Their aluminum gates are lightweight, durable, and meet all applicable safety requirements. Available in more than 70 countries, Tee-Zed products are sold wherever baby gear and juvenile products are sold. Aside from baby gates, Tee-Zed also sells accessories for cribs and strollers, such as a world globe and fabric drawer dress storage towers.

Today, many manufacturers manufacture safety gates, including Dreambaby, Cardinal Gates, Dorel Juvenile Group, Evenflo, GMI, and Lascal/Regal Lager. Many manufacturers also make custom safety gates. Safety gates are no longer effective when a child grows taller than 36 inches and weighs 30 pounds. So, when buying a gate, make sure it fits the opening it’s meant to protect.

Regal Lager

If you’re looking for a child safety gate that meets the highest standards, consider the KiddyGuard Avant child safety gate by Regal Lager. Invented in 1991 by Steven B. Dunn, this child safety gate combines safety and style. Regal Lager also makes sippy cups and feeding accessories, drying racks for the nursery, and travel accessories. In addition to baby safety gates, Regal Lager also sells other juvenile products such as travel accessories and bath toys.

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