Why Switching To Glass Baby Bottles Is A Suitable Choice For Your Baby

Buying a new bottle is always a tricky endeavor for the parents, considering the safety and convenience of your baby. Plastic baby bottles have remained the first priority of the parents for many years. However, the recent studies revealing the presence of harmful substances in plastic products have left them wondering if plastic built bottles are really safe for their babies? On the contrary, many parents are hesitant to use glass baby bottles due to their fragile nature. To successfully counter this dilemma, many brands have come up with new glass baby bottles having silicone sleeves and shockproof designs.

These features help in providing additional protection to the bottles and make them safe for the usage of babies. Let us look at more reasons to switch to glass bottles.

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Top Reasons For Choosing Glass Baby Bottles

Below given are some of the prominent reasons to go for the glass bottles for your babies:

Better Hygiene

Glass baby bottles have undoubtedly better hygiene compared to that of the plastic baby bottles. A conventional bottle warming equipment helps to sterilize the bottle easily. Besides, the simple cleaning process of the glass baby bottles ensures high cleanliness without leaving behind the smell of milk in the bottle.

Moreover, the glass structure of the bottle keeps away the entry of harmful substances and chemicals in the milk.

Keeps the Milk Warm 

Glass baby bottles have better efficiency in keeping the milk warm as opposed to plastic baby bottles. The glass baby bottles can be simply added to electric or non-electric warmer to heat the milk and serve your child.

Also, the markings present on the glass baby bottles do not get washed with time as it happens in the case of plastic baby bottles. For the best results, use bottles made of tempered glass as they do not easily slip and have better protection.

Enhanced Taste

It is known that drinks stored in the plastic bottles often impart their flavors in the bottle, especially breastmilk that is heated. This puts a major difference in the taste of milk fed to the child. To keep the pure taste of the infant milk formula and the milk extracted from the breast pumps, make sure to use a glass baby bottle to feed your baby.

BPA- Free

The use of BPA (Bisphenol-A) was banned by the FDA due to the presence of certain harmful chemicals used in the making of plastic products. People who were using those products faced problems in their reproductive system, and some were even diagnosed with certain cancer conditions.

As per a recent study, there were over ninety percent of baby bottles being made by BPA. Hence, the government prohibited its usage, and people started back the use of glass baby bottles. Therefore, to ensure good health for children, it is advised to use glass baby bottles.

More Healthy

Majorly all the plastic bottles available in the market are made up of polycarbonate plastic that discharges an endocrine-disrupting chemical called Bisphenol-A into the milk. This BPA processed bottles can trigger harmful reactions in your child.

So to stay on the safer side, it is better to go with the glass baby bottles that are one hundred percent non-toxic. Moreover, glass bottles are easy to sterilize in boiling water and add an additional safety layer for the child’s health.

Higher Durability

The heavyweight and fragile nature of the glass baby bottle is a big concern of every parent while buying their child a bottle to drink milk. Glass is usually heavier than plastic, and its gripping is also on the lower side.

This makes the parents fear that the unsteady hands of their little infants may not be able to carry the bottle’s weight, and they’ll end up dropping the baby bottle. As broken glass near your baby can be an alarming situation for their safety, so parents prefer picking plastic bottles.

However, with modern techniques and tools, brands are now producing tempered glass made baby bottle that provides amazing shock resistance to the glass bottle. It ensures the glass doesn’t break on falling. Besides, it hugely adds up to the durability of the glass bottle.

Healthy Storage for Breast Milk

Breastmilk consists of a high amount of vitamins and nutrients. Breastmilk is definitely one of the best feeds for your baby. Nowadays, breast pumps are highly in use as they ease the process of breastfeeding for mothers.

However, when you store the mother’s milk in a bottle, it gets exposed to the oxidation process, which lowers its nutrient value. To prevent the occurrence of oxidation, it is best to store the milk in glass bottles that provide better resistance from leaks.

Environment Friendly

You do not need to teach a mother to take care of its child. Similarly, the earth is our mother, and it is essential for each one of us to take care of it. As opposed to non-recyclable plastic bottles, glass bottles are recyclable and environmental-friendly.

The energy consumption to process glass is also lower than that of plastic baby bottle. Glass bottles can be again and again recycled without any chemical processing.

Recycling a glass made bottle nearly takes a time of one month to transition from waste to a new bottle successfully. Using recycled glass also significantly lowers carbon dioxide emissions in nature.

The biggest benefit of using recycled glass bottles is that it decreases the bottle’s weight by a total of forty percent. That means less weight, lesser fuel, and carbon emissions to process and transport them.

Wrapping Up

Glass Vs Plastic, plastic bottles do have some advantages such as lighter weight and no risk of shattering down. But considering its adverse effects, it is better to keep your child away from its use and be a little attentive while they drink their milk.

Also, the newly ergonomic designed glass infant bottles have made it possible on bottle feeding your baby with full safety and easy handling. Therefore, it is now up to you that you would like to go for unsecured plastic bottles or choose a glass bottle and ensure a better milk drinking experience for your child.

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